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How do we work with agents, affiliates & developers?

We help our many corporate clients to overcome the problems of workforce relocation on both a temporary and permanent basis. Working with national, local and independent Letting Agents, Developers and Landlords we can provide the very best fit for their workforce property requirements. 


We are always looking for committed, integral and professional affiliate agents to help us deliver our service so that we can provide our clients with short term and long term property rentals as they look to accommodate their staff for a wide variety of projects.

As we act as ‘self-managing tenant’ this model is perfect for agents:


We (or one of our investment companies) become the tenants of your Landlord’s property offering your client a guaranteed rental every month – often for longer periods of 3-5 years. 

We use the correct legal frameworks to offer the properties - which are furnished and dressed to create warm and inviting living spaces - individually with our fully vetted and referenced-checked professional clients.

Across the entire tenancy period we handle most minor maintenance issues (with the agreement of you or the Landlord) using our in-house team and our weekly cleaners ensure the property is regularly inspected and kept immaculately throughout.

We pay all the bills inc. Council Tax, Water, Gas, Electric, WIFI etc. and are able to charge our corporate clients an all-inclusive rental price, nice and simple.

We don’t charge Landlords any fees as we make our margin on the difference between the market-value rent we pay the Landlord and the inclusive room rent we charge to our clients.




We are actively working with property developers and agents to secure larger purpose built apartment blocks and houses which are perfect for our apart-hotel syle offering. Allowing the property developer to benefit without the management associated with it. If you are an agent for a developer, then rest assured we always pay agent fees for deals that stack up. As an agent/property owner you save on void periods and multiple tenancies that come with traditional buy to let strategy - we take care of the entire building and work with you to make sure it’s a win/win strategy for all parties involved.

  • Is my area and property suitable for serviced accommodation?
    Not every area or property will be suitable so it’s important to understand what works where. We can undertake essential groundwork and research to determine the different types and grades of serviced accommodation that will work. We can also provide a free SA assessment on any existing properties you would like to convert to SA.
  • Is it too late to get started with serviced accommodation?
    Not at all. It’s predicted that the market will have more than doubled by 2018. In 2016 Savills produced a report on the serviced accommodation sector, in which they predicted that it would soon be the UK’s fastest growing hospitality sector, predicted to grow by 122% by 2018. This means there is still valuable opportunity to take advantage of.
  • What if the bookings are low?
    Under the management agreement model payment of the mortgage is the landlord’s responsibility irrespective of bookings. However, after the initial set up stage, we have never in our history had a month where the bookings were so low that bills couldn’t be paid. Should you wish to have a secured guaranteed rental at market rate we also offer a company let model.
  • Where does the income go? How do I know whether the property is being booked?
    At E-Property Solutions we pride ourselves on being open and transparent. Therefore, we can allow landlords to remotely log in to our bookings management system to give full transparency of bookings and associated costs/profit report at anytime. This gives landlords 100% visibility of how their property is performing. Q: If I buy a property as Serviced Accommodation can I generate capital allowances? In short yes, Capital allowances can be a great way of minimising unnecessary income and corporation tax. Although we are not specialists in this area, so you will need to seek advice from your accountant.
  • What happens with maintenance and repairs?
    As part of the agreement, E Property Solutions are usually responsible for minor repairs up to £100. Anything over this figure will require the landlord to pay.

Shahbaz Khokar - Monatgue Property

“We developed a block of 18 apartments near the city center and were grateful to find a company which we could trust to manage our investment whilst providing a secure and guaranteed return” 

“It was a pleasure to instruct the services of E-Property Solutions. From start to finish they have maintained the properties in an immaculate condition and have since taken on 9 units from our developer. Less hassle and win/win!” 

Omar Farooq - A1 Lettings

“Since our first meeting, I was impressed with the professionalism and understanding of the local market. We have full confidence in working with them now and into the future.” 

Anil Singh - Urban City Estates

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